Will MARCAS work on a Mac / iPad / xBox?

Marcas is a Game for Windows PC. It might work in a Mac with a Windows emulator, but that option is not supported. Please check the minimum / recommended specs

Does MARCAS include a Multiplayer mode?

On this current release Multiplayer will not be available.

Can I run modded tracks / cars for Marcas?

No, Marcas does not support modding. Adding external content will cause the game to crash.

How do I adjust the head movement in the Cockpit view?

Go to Options -> Controls -> Controller 2 -> Adjust the Head movement slider (0%-100%). This only works in the full cockpit view.

How do I turn the Trackmap on/off?

Press NumPad 0 to cycle between rotating, fixed and off. You can map a different button to this function by editing TrackMapConf.txt in the GSC\Plugins\TrackMap.

How do I get a clearer view from the rear mirrors?

We have modelled the rear parts of the car to be visible in the mirrors for extra depth and immersion – you don´t get a clear view in a race car! You may however disable these elements if you so prefer, by editing your .PLR file inside USERDATA\(your name) folder. Look for the parameter Self In Cockpit Rearview="15" , and change the “15” to “0” to get a clear view.